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HMUN 2018

Hanoi Model United Nations 2018 took place at the Hanoi Sahul Hotel from the 16th to 17th June.


  • Took place at the four-star Hanoi Sahul Hotel

  • Total value of awards for delegates: 125.000.000 VND

  • Overall conference rating: 8.9/10

  • This is the first year HMUN’s topic all revolve around a conference theme - Clashes of Civilizations.

  • HMUN’s first Crisis United Nations Security Council for delegates who seek the thrill of crisis in a real life setting.

  • First conference to bring Joint Fantasy Crisis Councils to Vietnam


The development of technology and digitized information is gradually bridging the gap between humans, thus making individuals more conscious of their religious identity and differences in cultures all over the world. This situation has intensified the clashes among civilizations in the modern society. With this theme, we want participants to gain in-depth knowledge about these cultural conflicts, and set a common ground among countries to foster a world of peace as well as unity.


Economic and Financial Committee (ECOFIN):

  • Topic 1: Cryptocurrency

  • Topic 2: Managing the use of technology in business)

United Nations Security Council (UNSC):

  • Topic: Iraq-Kurdish conflict

Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL):

  • Topic 1: Stopping the spread of misinformation

  • Topic 2: Alleviating the Israel-Palestine tension

Joint Fantasy Crisis Council (JFCC):

  • Camp Jupiter vs. Camp Half-Blood: Based on the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan


If you can say one thing to the Chairs and Organizers, what would you say?

  • “Love you all <3 my first MUN and i had the best experience EVER! Also loved the Secretary-General's speech, she was awesome and inspirational!!!” - Nguyễn Đức Duy, Iceland, ECOFIN

  • “You guys did an amazing job in guiding us newbies and giving us a gateway into MUNs! I appreciate the Chairs and Organizers a lot for their valiant efforts!” - Hoang Ngoc Vuong, Egypt, SPECPOL

  • “I believe you guys had done your best. Well done, I really appreciate the effort made by the Chairs and Organizers in order to create a fruitful and memorable MUN. “ - Sophie Nguyen, Japan, ECOFIN

  • “Thanks for organizing HMUN. I love all chairs, delegates and staffs. I remember the moments that you motivate me to speak up my opinions. We also work together to find resolution. Hope to see all of you again. Wish you all the best.”- Nguyen Kieu Trinh, China, ECOFIN

What is one thing that you are most satisfied with at HMUN 2018?

  • “The CDs , Chairs and Staffs are the best things I have ever seen, they are very nice to newbie, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I start a MUN journey in HMUN so it is unforgettable because of them “ - Le Hong Ngoc, United Kingdom, UNSC

  • “The way HMUN is organized makes me feel satisfied and respected. Never in my life have I found any organization to be so professionally carried out like this.” - Tran Phuong Linh, China, SPECPOL

  • “As a newbie of MUN, i absolutely enjoy HMUN, everyone was so friendly and hilarious. Even the chairperson and crisis directors can make us have a good laugh, while can still remain serious during the committee. Everyone was so professional though and I found myself so lacking in every means =))) I believe this would not be my last MUN as I found it so enjoyable, informative and challenging.” - Ho Diem Quynh Phuong, Saudi Arabia, UNSC

  • “I am most satisfied by the friendly vibe that HMUN provided. I have gained excellent new friends, expanded my relationships and most of all great experiences.” - Hoang Linh Khanh, Michael Kahale, JFCC

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