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Hanoi Model United Nations 2022 took place at The International School @Parkcity Hanoi (ISPH) from the 22nd to 24th July.


  • Hanoi Model United Nations Organization's 8th session came back to the offline conference after the prolonged pandemic. 

  • With the theme "Glitch in the Matrix", HMUN 8th Session aimed to challenge delegates with complex and pressing global issues, while accompanying them on the quest to find solutions.

  • The conference had the honor to invite many distinguished guest speakers, including Nguyen Tuan Luong - Head of Solutions Mapping at UNDP Accelerator Lap Vietnam, Ms. Elisa Fernández Saenz - Head of Office for UN Women Vietnam, and Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phong - Director of Artificial Intelligence Division at FPT Software. These renowned guest speakers shared their knowledge and insights on various topics related to the conference's theme in our workshop.



  • Topic 1: Combating the abuse against women in ethnic minorities.

  • Topic 2: Resolving the obstacles in women’s access to sexual and reproductive health.


  • Topic: Treaty of Versailles (1919).


  • Topic 1: Combating income inequality and unemployment.

  • Topic 2: Application of technology in enhancing public security.


  • Topic: Spanish Civil War (1936 - 1939)


  • Topic: Godfather



Before HMUN22, MUN to me was a frightening experience. Not to be dramatic but it literally took me 2 years to recover from my first MUN and be able to participate as a Delegate again. I had no expectations when I decided to sign up for HMUN, and I worried a lot (like a LOT) one week before the D-Day, when I started doing research for the topic. I was so intimidated by the feelings of not knowing what to say during the debate and being asked to speak by the Chair without proper research. It took a great deal of encouragement from my friends for me to forget all the bad memories from my previous experience with MUN, and walk into the conference room so confidently on D-Day, just like how I did 2 years ago. Yes, my heart was pounding. But after a few motions, I realized that it's not that scary. In fact, it was kind of...exciting (?!). The initial nervousness was soon replaced by uncontrollable thrills and enthusiasm. I couldn't wait for my turn to speak and raise motions. But the special thing in HMUN22 is not about me, no not at all. Like my fellow delegates were saying, the real treasure was the friends we made along the way. I must once again emphasize, without the encouragement from others, I wouldn't have been able to do it at all. It was because of you, my friends, that have made my last 3 days so wonderful.

- Grace Bùi - Delegate of Jamaica

HMUN was the first MUN I participated in, and it did an excellent job of making me fall in love! I felt comfortable with other delegates, chairs, and staff from my early days at UN Women. Remembering HMUN and writing one more appreciation post would take me the whole night. HMUN’22 is my “first love” and a paradigmatic MUN in my MUN journey because there is nothing to criticize, but there are so many cute things (now the HMUN sticker is still glued on my laptop)! Everyone has supported me a lot in UN Women, and until now, the group chat is still confiding, comforting, and advising each other often. To this day, I still can't believe the chairs are willing to spend an hour to guide me about the Rules of Procedure, wholeheartedly orienting and breaking down the topics for the council. Three months after the conference, I am still grateful to have met the chairs who have guided me every step of the way into MUN. Until now, when I go to MUN, sometimes I don't have a chair who is willing to go to such lengths, which makes me panic a lot. For me to step out of my comfort zone and love MUN the way I do now is thanks to HMUN and my first committee, UN Women!

- anonymous delegate - UNWomen

I think the Inter-European Summit is a relatively new and unique idea at HMUN. The Spanish Civil War topic gave the delegates a fantastic opportunity to collaborate on this council. And that was for the first two days. I learned a lot in the first two days of IES, such as dealing with my opponents, building and operating efficiently in blocs, manipulating and persuading others to achieve my goals. The first two days of IES were fantastic, and I had a lot of memorable experiences there.

Unfortunately, such is not the case on the last day. Everyone stabbed me in the back on the third day, forcing me to lose trust in the ones I thought were my closest brothers. That day taught me another important lesson: never trust anyone in a crisis council.

Nguyen Quoc Trung - Delegate of Juan Negrín

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