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Hanoi Model United Nations 2017 took place at the British Vietnamese International School (BVIS Hanoi).


  • Took place at the British-Vietnamese International School Hanoi

  • Total value of awards for delegates: 100.000.000 VND

  • This is the first year HMUN has pre-conference training sessions

  • HMUN’s first Fantasy Crisis Council for delegates who seek to combine MUN and fun


Disarmament and International Security Council (DISEC):

  • Topic 1: The issue of political terrorism and political violence

  • Topic 2: Preventing state sponsored illicit proliferation of conventional weapons

Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Council (SOCHUM):

  • Topic 1: The issue of preserving heritage in conflict zones in Middle East and North Africa

  • Topic 2: Preventing exploitation of trafficked and under-age workers

Fantasy Crisis Council (FCC):

  • The Clave: Based on The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare



  • “I love FCC so much!!! The whole committee is like a family too me. Although everyone (including me) were a bit shy at first, everything turned out great in the end! The CDs are the best ever; they really care about us and they're so friendly! The Chairs are also super friendly and awesome and amazing. The committee was a lot of fun and it really lights up my passion for MUN.” - anonymous Delegate, FCC

  • “HMUN have brought me an astonishing first impression of MUN” - anonymous Delegate, SOCHUM

  • “IT WAS AMAZING AND FULL OF UNEXPECTED THINGS AND UNFORGETTABLE AND [insert any good word]. Ok I'm done lol” - anonymous Observer

  • “PLEASE NEXT YEAR LET THE CONFERENCE LASTS FOR 3 DAYS HUHU I LOVE FCC!!!! Ready to pay more in case there will be more bondings and time for the conference!!!” - anonymous Delegate, FCC

  • “In general, the event is conducted in a professional manner and I am totally satisfied with the facility. 300K is totally worth it.” - anonymous Delegate, DISEC

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