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Hanoi Model United Nations 2016 took place at the Marie Curie Hanoi School from the 21st to 22nd May.


  • Took place at the Marie Curie Hanoi School

  • First time launching a special council: Outer Space Security


Disarmament and International Security Council (DISEC):

  • Topic 1: The question of the Disputed Islands in the East China Sea

  • Topic 2: The role of Media in the context of International Security

  • Topic 3: The question of Demilitarization of the Arctic Circle

  • Topic 4: Supporting Government in Transition (Middle East and North Africa)

United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC):

  • Topic 1: The Rights to Privacy in the Digital Age

  • Topic 2: Promoting International Cooperation in Providing Human Rights for Refugees

  • Topic 3: Promoting Gender Equality in Public Areas

  • Topic 4: International Cooperation to Combat the grave Deterioration of the Humanitarian Situation in the Syrian Arab Republic

Special Council - Outer Space Security Council:

  • Topic 1: The Enforcement and Implementation of Non-militarization of Outer Space

  • Topic 2: Regulating and Managing the Privatization of Space Travel

  • Topic 3: The Situation regarding the claims of Land in Space

  • Topic 4: Modifications in the Outer Space Treaty on the Usage of Space

United Nations Security Council (UNSC):

  • Topic 1: Maritime Dispute in South China Sea

  • Topic 2: The Situation in the Middle East: Religious Terrorism as a Possible Threat to International Peace and Security

  • Topic 3: Syrian Refugee Crisis

  • Topic 4: Limiting Military Intervention in Sensitive Geo-Political Country

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