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Historical Crisis Council


Crisis Councils, with their fast-paced action and drama, are a staple of Hanoi Model United Nations Conferences, and this is no different at HMUN Mock #18. This year, Delegates of the Historical Crisis Council (HCC) will be presented with the opportunity to reexamine and relive one of the most infamous wars on North American soil in the 19th century – the Mexican–American War.



Mexican–American War


Both Mexico and the United States had their own set of issues by the time the conflict broke out. The former had been suffering from constant instability during its first three decades and a half of independence from the Spanish Empire. The latter, while an ever-expanding force of power, saw internal divisions from race and inequality grow greater and greater. Tensions over the independence of California and the incorporation of Texas into the US directly exacerbated disputes and led to the American invasion of its southern neighbors in 1846. The subsequent two-year conflict was one of the major precursors to the most divisive conflict in American history - the Civil War.


At HMUN Mock #18, Delegates will play the role of prominent political and military figures on either side of the conflict, with the aim of not only achieving victory in battles but also securing territory and stability for their nation. Delegates will have to work closely with one another, noting their differences, to construct strategic successes and internal harmony. 


Which nation shall emerge victorious from these battles? Will there be long-lasting peace, or will division be here to stay? Delegates, this rests upon you!

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