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What is HMUN?

Hanoi Model United Nations Organization (HMUN Org.) is a student organization of like-minded individuals with a passion for global affairs and international relations. Located in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, HMUN operates year-round with multiple globally engaged activities surrounding Model United Nations Activities, such as: 

1. The annual main conference in August;

2. Mock Model UNs (two-day Model UN simulation);

3. Training sessions for Delegates and Organizers on how Model UN works and how a Model UN Organization operates;

4. Community service activities for students to help their local communities with knowledge learned from Model UN; 

At the annual HMUN conference, delegates from all over Vietnam represent officials from different countries and have the opportunity to engage in political discourse and interact with one another through debate and diplomacy to derive solutions to complex global issues.




Hanoi Model United Nations

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